Vent NannyTM

Experience enhanced well management through Vent Nanny's innovative Surface Casing Vent Flow (SCVF) management solution. This advanced system sets a new standard for SCVF monitoring and optimization by emphasizing precision in data and providing real-time accessibility. Discover the technical expertise and tangible benefits that make Vent Nanny a valuable asset in the realm of oil and gas.


Our Systems

Decades of development and testing have resulted in our industry-leading surface casing vent flow monitoring system, capable of delivering accurate readings from a diverse set of sensors anywhere in the world.

Standard Unit

One of the standout features of this system is its versatility and portability. Clients have the freedom to move the monitoring system to various locations as needed, allowing them to adapt to changing operational requirements. Whether it's a remote site or a different region, the system can be easily relocated, providing consistent and accurate monitoring wherever it is deployed.

Additionally, the system is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures. It is engineered with robust materials and components that can endure challenging climates, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in the most demanding settings. This resilience makes it an ideal choice for monitoring surface casing vent flow in diverse geographical locations across the globe.


  • 24x7 realtime data
  • Remotely actuated 2 or 3 way valve enables Shut-ins with Bubble meter flow rate or Positive Displacement (PD) flow rate
  • Automatic over-pressure relief
  • Class1 Div1 construction
  • Easy to move and setup
  • Satellite and cellular communications
  • Low power, solar powered
  • Second based sample rates
  • Remotely configurable
  • Satisfies AER guidelines
  • Perforating safe switch

Cost Reduction

Anyone who has tackled a gas migration problem knows that successful remediation is usually only achieved by solving a complex down hole puzzle. Minimizing costs while solving the puzzle requires an accurate execution with the fewest steps. Vent Nanny V3 monitors vent activity in real time during all stages of a remediation program, providing critical step and cost saving feedback from each down hole operation. Once an intervention is complete, patient post monitoring is key to assessing it’s success and can dramatically reduce overall remediation cost, as clearly identified in the subsequent Application Example.

Application Example

In this success story, several base line flow and shut-in periods were recorded to ensure stability before attempting down hole interventions. Annular channel access, through an under-balanced abrasive jet cut, is identified by the sharp decrease in pressure on the shut-in vent. After a successful resin squeeze, the vent pressure climbs as the trapped gas/liquid volume to surface is compressed. Initially, there is concern given the higher pressure and subsequent flow rate that is close to the pre-intervention rate. However, by employing patience and by monitoring several Vent Nanny enabled flows and shut-ins, it becomes clear that the gas migration source has been stopped, and the flow since the intervention is actually due to bleed down of significant annular storage and/or charged up hole zones.

How many successful interventions like this one have been deemed a failure because a simple bubble test done immediately after the down hole intervention showed little or no reduction in flow?



Pressure Transmitter
  • Range: 0 – 5600 (Other ranges available)
  • Automatic over-pressure relief
Flow Rate (Bubble Meter)
  • Bubble Configuration: 3/8" (9.5mm)
  • Max. rate: 0.1m3/day
  • Back Pressure: 1" H2O
Flow Rate (PD Meter)
  • Max. rate: 175m3/day
  • Back Pressure: 1' H2O @ 175m3/day
  • Accurate down to 0.009m3/day


  • High Pressure
  • High Resolution, Low Pressure
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Atmospheric Pressure/Liquid Identification
  • H2S monitor
  • Call us for a custom solution


  • Ambient Temperature: -40C to +60C
  • System Working Pressure Rating: 5600kPa (14000kPa available)


  • Secure Encrypted Data Packets
  • Boosted Cellular, Inmarsat, Iridium


  • Nanny Measurement Unit: 60lbs(27kg) L25” W16.5” H22” (0.64x0.42x0.56)m
  • SCADA Unit: 70lbs(32kg) L34” W29” H57” (0.86x0.74x1.44)m

Our Software

At VFT, we understand the significance of our clients' time and resources. With this in mind, we prioritize the integrity and comprehensibility of our data. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions enables us to deliver reliable and actionable insights.

Data visualization

Our chart enhances the way users view and analyze their data, providing a more intuitive and accessible experience. With our data visualization software, users can easily visualize and explore their data using a highly interactive multi-series graph. With the help of our software, clients can make informed decisions regarding Surface Casing Vent Flow management, optimization, and maintenance.

Overlay your data with intervention operations

Our software's advanced measurement capabilities enable you to establish a clear understanding of the effectiveness of your well bore interventions. By precisely quantifying the changes in critical parameters before, during, and after these interventions, you can evaluate their outcomes and make data-driven decisions for future operations.

Data export

Auto-generated PDF reports

Our software not only includes a powerful visualization suite but also offers the convenience of auto-generated detailed reports. These reports provide a comprehensive summary of your SCVF data, allowing you to consolidate and organize your data into a single, cohesive report.

With our software, you have the ability to specify the desired time range for the reports. By inputting your preferred timeframe, our system will automatically generate detailed summaries based on your specifications. These reports serve as a valuable tool for extracting key insights and understanding the overall performance of your SCVF. They streamline the data analysis and reporting process, providing you with a comprehensive snapshot of your SCVF data within the specified time range.

Export your data to Excel

Our software offers powerful features for data analysis and reporting. It includes data export to CSV and Excel formats, enabling users to extract data from charts for analysis, collaboration, or integration with other tools. This functionality supports efficient data utilization and allows for efficient storage of your SCVF data.

Additionally, our software allows users to define specific time frames within charts for focused data export. This empowers users to target relevant data points, achieving more precise data extraction. Whether capturing data for a month or a week, our software caters to users' specific needs, enhancing their data analysis capabilities.

Remote Shut-In valve controls

Our software allows you to remotely open or close shut-in valves without the need for physical intervention. This eliminates the time-consuming and labor-intensive process of manual adjustments, saving valuable resources.

Through our intuitive interface, you can effortlessly open or close shut-in valves from any remote location. This remote control capability streamlines the management of your wells, sparing you the labor-intensive process of manual adjustments. By removing the need for physical intervention, our software optimizes your operational efficiency and frees up valuable time and resources for other critical tasks. This means you can swiftly respond to changing conditions or operational requirements without any delays or logistical challenges.